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Meet Sharkmob game developer from Malmö! I’m glad to announce that during next months I’ll compose and produce music for an amazing game which is created in Sweden and other countries as well. I can’t expose any more details at this time but one thing is for shure: it’s going to be huge and challenging musical adventure!


Ex-Ubisoft Massive employees have formed a new studio and announced its first project, a multiplayer game based on a so-far mysterious “cult classic” IP.

Sharkmob‘s website states that it’s currently working on an unannounced project with an “undisclosed publisher”. While the statement says that the studio’s limited in what it can share, the title is being developed using the Unreal Engine, and will be a “multi-platform project,” described as “action-packed” with a probable M-rating.

The licensed IP it’s working on is described as a “cult classic” by Sharkmob CEO, Fredrick Rundqvist in an interview with Venture Beat, who has revealed plans to turn it into a franchise, along with regular content updates and “live services” once it has been released. “Of course, in our opinion, the pure mechanics of that are not interesting if you don’t have the right IP, the right setting, the right fantasy to get people really excited about the game mechanics we provide. I guess that also gives you a hint as to what kind of game we’re making.”