The colourful synergy of Slavic, Balkan and Persian sounds

This is a fusion of a traditional, ethno-jazz, electronic and movie music, inspired by the Jewish culture from various regions of Europe and the Middle East. Kayah sings in Polish, Ladino, Hebrew, Arabic and Yiddish. Kayah had intended to make a world music album for a long time. However, it was only after performing at the Singer’s Warsaw festival that she began to work on the new project.

Kayah and Atanas transformed Transoriental into Transoriental Orchestra. They later asked recognised instrumentalists and soloists of Polish, Ukrainian and Iranian ancestry, to join them. This expanded the original musical dialogue and added the air of an authentic cultural blend to the repertoire.The newest album includes Jewish songs from various regions in Europe and the Middle East. This diversity influenced their music, which resounds with Balkan, Persian, Slavic, African and with Jewish sounds. The album is also a mixture of different languages with which Kayah needed to talk.In one of her interviews, Kayah said that ‘Transoriental Orchestra’ is also a manifest against xenophobia and racism.

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