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Atanas Valkov composed and produced a score for ”The Scrapman” and was selected as a finalist of European Talen Competition @ Soundtrack_Cologne  7.0

Title: Der Schrottmann / The Scrapman
By Fabian Driehorst
Producer: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
Duration: approx. 8 minutes
Date and country of production: Germany 2010/2011

Creatives in the field of sound design and / or film music composition

Create a new sound and/or music for a selected short film (see below)!

Join the European Talent Competition in the categories film music composition and sound design! Win a one day recording session with the Radio Orchestra of the WDR in Cologne, a two day final mix down in the famous Sound Studio SoundVision, Cologne, sound libraries and sound designer tools that will help you to gain ground in professional business. Show your skills and create a new sound track/sound design for the short film offered by SoundTrack_Cologne below!

This year we are proud to provide a short film by Fabian DRIEHORST, film student of the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne.

What is special with this short is that it really needs an original score and sound design to be finished. That means you will have the chance to be the original composer/sound designer of the short feature film THE SCRAPMAN. Fabian Driehorst himself will be part of the jury together with one of his mentors at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne.