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The colorful show was a raving success which made Kayah decide to undertake a small tour and record the best pieces for this album. Mind you, if you’re font of the funky poppy Kayah this will not be an easy listen. From track one ‘Kondja mia, mia Kondja ‘ you know you’re in for something exotic, experimental, different and unique. Musically she switches from a modern approach on songs like the reggae-esque ‘El Eliyahu’, the modern dancy ‘Transoriental’ and the psychedelic ‘Ajde Jano’, back to more classic approach like the beautifull moody ‘De edad de kinze anyos’ and ‘Rebeka’. Vocally Kayah can cope with both musical elements perfectly, without losing control over her amazing voice she wears the Jewish material like a well fitted coat of many colours. She is able to even set the chewed out ‘Hava Nagila’ to her hand.

The strongpoint is that although this project obviously revolves around Kayah she places herself completely in service of the music. It is not ‘Kayah sings jiddische lieder’ but rather a mutual project of good musicians in which coincidentally they happen to have a well known Polish singer in their midst. On the bonus disc she adapts some of the songs in Polish and gives some a remix make over. This new project is a welcome return to the scene after five years since her previous pop album Skała. It is an ambitious return that may not appeal to all her fans. But if you’re fond of artists like Natascha Atlas, Rita and Ofra Haza and want that mixed with a European blend this album must be on your Christmas wish list.


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