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It’s been a while since the world surprised us as much as in the past few days. With a loud and firm STOP! canceled our plans, the traffic in the cities, closed many doors to theatres, concert halls, and our homes, making us listen out for some good news.

Until they arrive, #stayathome,#togetherathome tune in and listen to the sounds coming straight from the forest studio. On 21 March at 6 pm Atanas Valkov will broadcast from his home studio, inviting us into the world of film music.
With his own compositions, improvised music, and free energy, he will take us into another dimension. It will be a unique, one-of-a-kind occasion to hear an imperfect, not pre-recorded or pre-arranged, but honest and spontaneous concert. Expect the unexpected and log in to experience it lives.

Atanas Valkov – Polish composer, pianist, and music producer of Bulgarian origin, raised in Lublin. Winner of the 7. Berlinale Score Competition, nominated for the European Talent Award in Cologne. He draws inspiration from Polish and Balkan folk, electronic, contemporary and jazz music. His original compositions are appreciated in Poland and around the world. He arranged and produced Transoriental Orchestra by Kayah, an album that went platinum. He collaborated with the European Space Agency on releasing the album ”Ambition”.

Atanas Valkov is also a renowned polish film music composer. He made the original score for the films The King, The Last Family and Deep Love by Jan P. Matuszyński, The Teach by Łukasz Palkowski. He composed music for the Polish Legends Allegro, a series of short films directed by Tomasz Bagiński (The Witcher).
The score connects motifs from ethnic legends with contemporary film language in the Si-Fi and fantasy genre. Other productions he collaborated on include: A Brief Chronicle of Time by Andrzej Wajda, as well as Ambition and Czarna Polana by T. Bagiński.

Atanas Valkov’s film music concert Live from the Forest is absolutely free. The soothing sounds will float on air on the first day of spring bringing relief and hope for what is yet to come. Sit back and join us on a journey to the world of dreams and freedom. Let the music soothe our minds. Let the music unite us.

PS: Those who cannot wait until Saturday are welcome to visit his website and social media. Click here: and here Atanas Valkov