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Peter’s Room

Peters Rum
Sweden, 3 Minute Running Time
World PremierePalm Springs International Film Festival

One morning Peter is pretending to be asleep to stop his parents from making him leave his bed- leave his room. His mother, who is home alone with Peter and his baby sister, calls his father who has left for work. Now they must deal with the situation.

Director Nicolas Kolovos:

“Peter’s room is a film that depicts how different a family reacts and tries to reach each other in emotionally difficult situations. This is described in a three minute long scene.”



It’s late morning, but Peter’s mother is unable to get him to get out of bed. Could there be another reason why the boy is pretending to be asleep?

DIRECTOR: Nicolas Kolovos

Producer: Martin Larsson
Editor: Måns Winberg
Screenwriter: Martin Larsson
Music: Atanas Valkov

Composed, arranged and produced by Atanas Valkov

Contrabas parts  by Maciej Szczycinski