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Atanas scored a film by Martin Larsson and Vitamin Film “John’s  Room”.

Synopsis In a car, standing on an empty street outside a house, sits Pernilla and Jonas. They sit and wait. The air is tense between them. Jonas is stressed and Pernilla is irritated. It would be better maybe to just leave it all be; not dig up the past. But Pernilla just can’t do that. Cast Pernilla Malin Crépin Jonas Shanti Roney John David Thörnqvist Production information Running time: 7 min Shot on Red Cam Production team Written and directed by Martin Larsson Producers Nicolas Kolovos Maria Karlsson Thörnqvist Assistant producer Sanne Övermark DoP Marco Padoan Sound John Nilsson Set decorator Lotta Wihl Composer Atanas Valkov Costume designer Helena Carlsson Make-up artist Jesper Ämmälä Editor Martin Larsson Sound editing John Conlon B-photo Johan Hedelius Grip Set Jonasson Graphics Håkan Carlsson Color grading Good Post Production assistant Caroline Ehrnström Still photographer Johannes Amilon